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In Year 13, they go on to study texts based on and set in World War One. Find out all about Israel, the people, the places, the culture, the food and the fun.

Each of these topics will have an end of topic test and there are two mock exams papers that students will sit in February and April. We also cover Elizabethan England and Britain: Images without lenses; Level 2; Core. A small group of very able pupils are offered the opportunity to take Additional Mathematics Syllabus: Our hope is that each child makes their expected progress and that they flourish; becoming confident in all English skills.

Our GCSE coursework writing service UK delivers a well-researched, well-written and a critically analysed paper that delivers cinder block punches. We believe that the curriculum outlined below will provide our pupils with a robust programme of study that enriches their Jewish and ethical knowledge as well as their knowledge of the key beliefs and practices of people of other faiths in Britain today.

Any new instructions, restrictions or rescinded lifted restrictions made by the employer are communicated to all staff in writing as well as being attached to the reference copy of this policy.

You will discover that you like some of these products more than others and you will need to consider why this is the case. Ordering Is A Breeze. This is a Practical examination unit. The time allotment may cause many students to procrastinate albeit coursework being much more difficult than your regular homework or assignments.

In Year 12, students have the opportunity to visit Poland. The Darkroom school of Photography also in Florence offers a one year course with modules: Developing Web Products — Students must complete this unit. Wipe up all small spills and report bigger ones to your teacher.

Broad skills set, not only for photography but also for personal building, customer handling, researching and assessing. This is an interesting unit and one which the students enjoy. Jewish Life Jewish Ethos Our Jewish ethos is at the core of all that we do, thus our pupils are expected to exemplify the values that they are taught; they are expected to treat others with respect, to contribute to the school community in a positive manner and to play an active part in our tzedakah charity and chesed kindness campaigns.

It teaches them close reading skills, independent and analytical thought, how to use critical views and how to plan, draft and improve their work.

Parts of a camera; Different types of camera lenses, and lens qualities; Shutter Speed and Aperture; How to use your camera.

Health and safety training of non-science support staff — Head of Science Manual handling for all staff using laboratories — Head of Science Healthy and safe procedures for laboratory cleaners — Head of Science Regular update training covering new or changed regulations, new equipment, etc.

Principles of photography; Level 2; Core. At the Arte School of Art, Design and Photography, Florence, they offer a 1 year course that focus on black and white film, the use of a camera, and printing in a dark room.

The ETQA is responsible for moderation of learner achievements of learners who meet the requirements of this Qualification. Be imaginative and self-motivated Be extremely interested in finding out more about themselves and things around them and show intense interest in one particular area of Science.

Dance Department

This journey takes students all the way to Year 11, when they are prepared thoroughly for their terminal examinations.

Am Echad Join the charity wing of Yavneh College, develop your leadership and teamwork skills and help put us on the map as a caring and concerned school. Bunsen or spirit burners or candlesmake sure that ties, hair, baggy clothing, etc.

We have the expertise for all these requirements. All students from all Key Stages are invited to take part.

Architecture Foundation

We aim for our pupils to leave as fluent Hebrew readers who know their way around the siddur and are able to participate when attending services and Jewish events throughout their lives.

Special arrangements must be made for equipment which has to be left running overnight and hazardous equipment which has to be left out.

Diploma in Digital Applications (DiDA)

Photo image printing; Level 3; Core. In Year 8, Pupils spend two terms studying passages from Shemot and one term studying the book of Shoftim, considering the text, selected commentaries and relevant messages.

GCSE Graphics

Mr K Ali by email: Apply information and communications technology. In order to support students, we teach one novel to the class for example The Picture of Dorian Gray and then give students the option to choose one text to compare and contrast to the class reader; or should they have the ability to, they can have the freedom of choosing both texts.

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Laboratories must be available for teacher-supervised club activities only by special arrangement. The Qualifications and Unit Standards have been constructed to be:. Your coursework counts towards 25% of your final year grade.

Trust our GCSE coursework writing service to deliver an Uber-Perfect Document to you. Post Results Services. Please find below a copy of the Post Results Services form.

Post-Results Services Form New GCSE Information Evening Links. GCSE Design and Technology for Edexcel: Graphic Products Jon Attwood Student book ISBN: 0 0. Contents Custom-made vinyl graphics 70 Batch production 72 Batch production in the printing industry 74 the development of HALF the amount of coursework.

The GCSE short-course allows you to work in the. 10 SATS questions for 10 days (mental maths & written) Prezi Presentations. A Series of Prezis by Mr Riley. Subject overview The aims and objectives of the Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced GCE in Art and Design are to enable students to develop: • Intellectual, imaginative, creative and intuitive capabilities.

Yavneh College has signed up to an online careers guidance service that helps students to explore the many options that are available. The site uses psychometric assessment to measure a student’s interests, attitudes and motivations to give accurate and highly relevant career and subject information.

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