Persuasive speech against video games

Television was the same. The growth of video games has mental and physical effects on health A. More likely violent people are just drawn to violent entertainment. The primary reason to cut down on gaming time has to be that youths that spend a long time on computers and games consoles are often not getting enough exercise.

If this plan is followed, there will be no more emotions that allow our communities to fester in futility.

Persuasive Essay on Video Games

The dangers of using a cell phone while driving. Not to bash freedom of speech, but that is no excuse for the awful content in many of these games. Certain video games teach good things, like how to solve logical puzzles, how to do well in society, and how to play certain sports.

That is a huge waste of time. Men and women speak a different language of love. Teenage pregnancy affects the future of both the child and the mother. However, considering the nature of such games, they should not be allowed for teens to play.

Personally meeting lots of people online has helped to develop my English abilities since English is not my first language and social skills. According to a University of Michigan study, the average teen plays for an hour a day but does not learn anything useful.

Moreover, games propagating murder and violence, such as Mortal Kombat, Outlast, Grand Theft Auto, and so on, are popular and are being advertised everywhere, making teenagers willing to play them; the fact that they are marked by the ESRB Entertainment Software Rating Board does not help much.

Ricardo Salguero states that video games are an addictive behavior much like drug dependency. Is nuclear power the answer to the energy crisis. These days the popularity of violent video games have caused major controversy. Should death penalty be abolished. This would have negative effects not only on relationships with family and friends, but also on their behavior in school.

But the truth is that video games actually have many more bads than goods.

Why Teens Should Not Be Allowed to Play Violent Video Games

They can plant an explosive on the door, use a fast rope from the rooftop or simply breach into several doors to create a surprise assault. I could talk about more but I'm way too tired, hope that helped and good luck mate. If the person does not have a solid self-control, it can lead him to a violent behavior.

Racism and sexism are both huge in video games, calling up arguments from all over the world. I hate this as much as the next intelligent being. According to numerous studies, this leads to an increase of aggression in them.

They were inspired by Grand Theft Auto, a violent video game. Even worse, many video games have fighting and shooting in them. Should there be stronger limits on immigration. Even if the games are not violent, another side effect that video games have on the health of children is with exercising.

As beej said, video games as free speech has nothing to do with whether they cause violence or not. I would also say that video games as a scapegoat is a secondary part of your presentation.

Try outlining your broad points first. Persuasive Speech Against Video Games Essay Argue in support of or against the statement that video games have “a redeeming social value.” Do violent video games have “a redeeming social value?” You could get many different answers to this question depending on who you ask.

These games are fun and engaging and young people often feel like playing games is a great thing to do in their spare time.

Persuasive Essay: Video Games

However, you shouldn’t spend too much time gaming and there are a number of reasons for this: it’s unhealthy, you should spend more time studying, and you need to socialize more. Video Games And The Video Game Words | 7 Pages.

this, but there was a time when video games were not around.

Persuasive speech against video games Essay

Like a lot of things in the world that are distinctly human, video games were made out of a combination of innovation, necessity, and curiosity. Essay Speech to Inform on Video Games.

For almost a century, video games have shaped not just our country, but the whole world. An entire industry was developed and it continues to thrive, even in our rough economic times. Feb 16,  · Hey, guys. I just finished my personal argumentative essay about how violent video games do not increase aggression in adolescents.

Please tell me what you think, whether it .

Persuasive speech against video games
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