Swot analysis for garment industry of bangladesh

A great deal of attention has been placed on corruption in Bangladesh. The original objectives of the Ancom countries were to integrate themselves economically, to reduce internal tariffs, to create a common external tariff and to offer special concessions to the two smallest members, Bolivia, Educador.

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This represents total economic integration, and it occurs only when countries give up their national powers to leadership under a single government. It means, on an average, at present, they are earning about Tk. The country's vulnerability to natural disasters has significantly declined that used to inhibit greater investment flow and reduce its productivity and return in the past.

Within the export sector, there has been a shift away from more traditional exports such as tea and jute, to items such as RMG, fish and seafood, and leather.


Moreover, one study shows that real estate industry could now look forward to launching prospective housing projects feasible and viable in both financial and social tennis for about one million single Women working in garment industry.

The road transport business has been expanded because the lion's share of cargo, moving between Dhaka - Chittagong and Dhaka - Benapole by road, is on account of the garment sector.

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In the statistics the impact may be huge but the condition of Bangladesh is not improving at that satisfactory level.

Will these selfish owners ever think of these workers of their better living for the sake of humanity by providing better accommodation for these workers in addition to providing with the job. EU is the successful common market and is now focusing on political integration.

Since its modest beginning in the early s, the industry has contributed to the economy appreciably in terms of employment, output, and foreign exchange earnings.

SWOT Analysis of Garment Manufacturing Industry

The industry is helping women emancipation and empowerment. RMG export grew A political union goes beyond full economic integration, in which all economic policies are unified, and has a single government. The ratio of exports to GDP rose from around 5. Under the XPL scheme, exporters of non-traditional products received import licenses for specific products over and above their normal percentage allotment based on the f.

That Bangladesh has a tremendous labor-cost advantage can be seen by looking at the comparative average hourly wages including fringe benefits of some 39 countries, both develop and developing, presented in the table.

Government also have some responsibility to improve the situation by providing- proper policy to protect the garments industries, solve the license problem, quickly loading facility in the port, providing proper environment for the work, keep the industry free from all kind of political problem and the biasness.

Bangladesh is a tropical country in South Asia that is situated in the delta of two major rivers that flow down from the Himalayas the Ganges and the Jamuna. The ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh has enjoyed a meteoric rise, from less than 50 factories in to in While this is pointed out to be due to stringent rules of origin ROO criteria, the relative stagnation in exports to EU requires further analysis.

Below, we present a detailed narration of the evolution of the RMG sector from its humble origins to the present day.

SWOT Analysis of Garment Manufacturing Industry

Infrastructure, while improving, is still poor especially in electricity, having a per capita use which is among the lowest in the world. Thereafter students are able to declare their candidacy for one of the degrees.

The reduced tax rates and other facilities are likely to have a positive impact on the RMG sector. Seasonality in the Garment Industry:.

SWOT analysiss of Bangladesh Economy () A SWOT ANALYSIS OF BANGLADESH ECONOMY. Prepared By: (ADP) has launched an analysis on Bangladesh Economy.

That would suggest moving aggressively to deal with it. Is the garment industry in need of sizeable cost reductions in transport and port charges? This too could be dealt quickly through. SWOT Analysis of Clothing Industry: A huge number of not standardized fashion products, not harmonized sizes and quality of production are a danger for gaining access to the global market.

SWOT analysis can be of a special importance in apparel manufacturing industry when used for designing a new article of clothing, i.e. collection. On the basis of SWOT analysis it is necessary to do detailed estimate of competition in fashion industry. SWOT analysis is the method of strategic planning that enables analysis of estimates and combining of internal factors with information from external sources on the market and in business environment.

The Ready Made Garment industry in Bangladesh is made up of 3, manufacturers and accounts for 76% of total foreign exchange earnings. Understand the Garment Industry Quickly & Get Actionable Data winforlifestats.com Market Reports · Award-Winning Solution · Key Information · In-Depth AnalysisTypes: Market Statistics, Industry Insights, Market Overview, Industry Analysis.

The contribution of the industry sector to the economy in Bangladesh has been increasing day by day. It is now % of GDP. The industry section in Bangladesh consists of the garment industry which makes textiles and ready-made garments.

India’s home textile industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 3% during 2014–2 Swot analysis for garment industry of bangladesh
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